Whole Lotta Cookin’ Going On

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chicken zoodle soup

Evenings are quite cold now. Time for my carb chicken zoodle soup.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. The husband and I decided to pack up the pup and take a road trip to Texas to visit my sister. We loved the trip and it’s always great to see family. But once home, I got back into the kitchen. The thought of eating out again made my head spin.

So over the last few days I’ve whipped up some of my favorite and easy dishes: chili, chicken zoodle soup, Scotch eggs, taco omelets, and huge Cobb salads.

I also had a good time trying out a few new recipes. The biggest mistakes I made with my garden this year?  Not enough low carb/keto recipes for all the food I grew.  Planning is well ahead for 2020. I finally figured out what I want to grow. Now it’s time to start concocting some tasty and keto friendly dishes.

taco casserole

Layering the first test of my taco casserole. A few more tweaks and it’s a go!

This week I tried out 3 recipes. Two need work. The third…a disaster never to be spoken of again.

  • Shredded chicken taco casserole (too many eggs, not enough smokey salsa!)
  • Roasted poblano soup (too many carbs!!!!),
  • “What was I thinking” casserole (always make sure the diced zucchini you grab isn’t actually cucumber instead).

After several days of cooking, experimenting and cleaning, the itch to go out for dinner hit me real hard. Thankfully my husband just ignored my hints and I went back into the kitchen to cook some Peruvian chicken with green sauce and green beans.

hungry pup

My constant companion while I cook. Just waiting for morsels to fall or a few scritches.

Dinner was delicious. We saved money. Most importantly, I’m loving being back in the kitchen.

And the timing is good with Thanksgiving just weeks a way. Let the cooking (and recipe testing) commence!


12 thoughts on “Whole Lotta Cookin’ Going On

  1. madonna

    I just found you on youtube and was wondering why no videos for a while so came to your blog. I read about your hip problem. I have been almost homebound completely for ages now. I just found a new to me youtube channel ran by some Physical therapists. I have personally had bad experiences locally with pt but watching these guys and doing some of the simple exercises they recommend has made a huge difference to me in just 2 weeks. Maybe you can watch them and they might help you. They have a lot of videos about the IT band. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmTe0LsfEbpkDpgrxKAWbRA

  2. Debby

    Hello! I just Lund your channel and blog and I’m thrilled! Thank you so much for all the time and energy you put into everything.

  3. Evelyn

    Hello Dot, Have you heard of DrBoz (Dr Annette Bosworth). The information about Keto Way of life is informative (sometimes she rambles on a bit, but doesn’t everyone). She wrote the book “Anyway You Can” to help her mother with her cancer battle.

  4. James Martin Mostowski

    I’m a T1 diabetic that discovered the low carb way of life 17 months ago. I am personally motivated to stay on this WOE to prevent future complications from the disease. It’s hard to give up sugar, flour, rice, potatoes, etc.; but after 3 months, it became easier. My blood tests read as a normal human being now. I initially lost 30 lbs. on KETO, but I’ve been following a LCHP diet to control my blood glucose. I’ll revert to LCHF approach to lose more weight now that my BG is under control (for the first time in 27 years). I’m writing to encourage you to keep up with low carb WOE, it’s the only way we will all get better.

    • Dot2Trot

      On the blog you’ll find low carb pumpkin bread, roasted pumpkin with butter, pumpkin chili, and the crustless pumpkin pie you can try.

  5. theresa sedinger

    Funny, that you should post today because I thought of you yesterday when I made your peanut butter fat bombs. Delicious. delighted to hear from you and all is well.

  6. sylvia tolan

    how nice it is that your constant companion stays waiting for you at the door way rather than under foot in front of the stove! Wouldn’t want you to take a tumble!

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