Happy World Carnivore Month!

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My typical carnivore dinner: 2 eggs over easy and a rib-eye steak. Yummy.

I’ve designated 2020 as an awesome year for my health. The husband and I went carnivore a week before we rang in the New Year. Although we hit a few snags – namely wine – we found our groove in time for World Carnivore Month (WCM).

Does this mean I’m no longer eating veggies and berries? Nope. I should be back to filming delicious keto (and carnivore) dishes soon. It’s just that my husband needs to get serious about his gut health and the Carnivore Diet is the ultimate elimination diet. I’m joining him for support and as a reset, and God knows I need one.

Hardcore Carnivore
There are many ways you can do the carnivore diet – with limited diary, no dairy, lean meat with added fats, fatty meats only, grass-fed & free-range meats only, all beef, keto carnivore, 90% meats and 10% vegetables, etc.

I know there will be comments to proclaim what the one true carnivore diet is. Well I call “Shenanigans” on you. Like all healthy eating lifestyles, make it your own as far as what works for you.

Per my husband’s suggestion, we are going all-beef, with eggs. No spices, herbs or seasonings with the exception of salt (obviously!).

The only plants we’re consuming come in the form of coffee and tea. That means the only dairy is heavy cream for coffee, and that is limited.


Last night’s dinner – a lovely beef brisket.

How Much Meat Do I Eat In A Day?
I don’t usually measure my food on carnivore. I’m really focused on eating when hungry only. However, I have noticed a gradual increase in how much beef I’m eating. So I did some measuring.

Before carnivore, I typically ate about 14 ounces of meat in a day. The first week of carnivore I was eating roughly 20 ounces of beef/day. I’d say right now I eat between 24-36 ounces (1-1/2 to 2 pounds)/day.  If I’m super busy doing physical work I can easily eat 2 pounds/day. But If it’s a lazy day, it’s a struggle to eat 24 ounces.

I’d guess that my husband is between 3-4 pounds of beef a day. But he too had to build up to that amount.

So Far I Feel Awesome…When We Don’t Mess Up
My energy level is up and I’m experiencing fewer aches and pains in my problem hip and knees when I stick to carnivore. But we’ve had some slips due to very poor planning and bad habits. Things like wine and very anti-keto snacks (popcorn is the devil!).

I don’t beat myself up for those slips…I don’t have to. My body punishes me with:

  • Poor sleep
  • Low energy the following day
  • Hip pain
  • Swollen legs

For me, slip-ups happen with boredom. If I’m not busy I’m my own worst enemy. Thanks to physical therapy and gardening my mobility improved. But once that first frost hit, I didn’t have a plan to stay as active.

Bad habits came back with abandon. And I’m feeling it in my hip. Not good.


We had to tear down our old shed last summer. Now we have a ton of work to do to get our backyard ready for the new shed.

Rather than waiting for spring (47 days away in case you were wondering), I’m focusing my efforts on some DYI projects around the house:

  • Painting the basement
  • Cleaning up the backyard
  • Finishing the raised beds
  • Redecorating the spare bedroom/office
  • Organizing closets
  • Replacing plants in our landscape

Some of these projects, I kept putting off. Others are more urgent with spring fast approaching (like clearing out the space for our new shed).

What I love is all of these projects are needed, take time to get right, and keep me active physically and mentally. There is no reason to get bored and eat something I don’t want to eat.

6 thoughts on “Happy World Carnivore Month!

  1. Yuki

    Hi Dot, my name is Yuki. I just found your YouTube video, and I’m so excited! You definitely inspired me!
    Also I found so many similarities on your journey about cancer,and not able to have children. (Nor am I never wanted to)
    I had ovarian cancer at 19, and now I’m 46 moved to US from Japan in 2001.
    No matter where I moved I’ve always feel alone and looking for answers on my weight/health issues and wondered if those issues are caused by double hysterectomy at such a young age….
    Anyway I’ll look forward to reading your blog!

    • Dot2Trot

      I’m glad you found the channel. Hysterectomy causes your hormones to go haywire (especially at a young age). And weight is driven by hormones. What you eat drives hormones. There are some great YouTube channels like Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Ken Berry and Robb Wolfe. And some cool podcasts. The book that started me down this path was Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes. It’s more a science book (easy to understand) and not a diet book. It explains our bodies process foods differently and that insulin is the main hormone that causes us to store fat. Hope this helps and good luck on your journey.

  2. Gail M

    Our friends are on the Carnivore diet and it is because of them my husband and I are on the Keto diet. We decided we couldn’t handle the Carnivore but we could the keto and it’s working fine. Our friends suggested it. They feel great on the Carnivore diet. Have fun and go with what works for you

  3. Elaine

    You have been sorely missed. Not just for your excellent content, encouragement or cooking lessons (yes you have taught me to be a better cook) but for your special unique Dot-ness.

    Seeing you pop up in my inbox made my already good day even better.

    Sending heartfelt appreciation.

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