Why We Need To Focus On Health

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I cannot stress enough why we need to make our own health a priority. Watch the video below and understand that 1/3 of all US adults are in the at-risk category. That’s 100+ MILLION US ADULTS. It’s everyone with type 2 diabetes (and pre-diabetes), hypertension, metabolic syndrome, obese, etc.

Being too heavy comes with lots of underlying health risks. That makes it easy for COVID-19 to push your body to the point of no recovery.

3 thoughts on “Why We Need To Focus On Health

  1. carol

    Click on Low Carb Recipes at the top of the page. Then click on the type of recipe you want, like Casseroles. Then click on the picture of the one you want. The recipe is there, also you can click on the green print friendly button.

  2. Pamela

    I tried getting your recipes because my husband loves them but all I could get were the pictures… I tried entering agin and again but the recipes didn’t show when I clicked on the link.

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