LCHF Sausage & Mushroom Stuffing

As promised, here’s the stuffing dish I’m making this Thanksgiving. While I enjoyed last year’s stuffing that I made using an awesome Keto Bread recipe I found, I decided to try something simpler. So no “bread.” Just root veggies, mushrooms and sausage.

It came out pretty awesome. For an added burst of flavor, I highly recommend adding in some sun dried tomatoes in oil. Oh my mouth is drooling thinking about it.

LCHF Thanksgiving: Cooking The Turkey

Well it’s November. That means Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. So I’m working on some videos for what I’m cooking this Thanksgiving. This video I talk turkey. Specifically how to brown the sucker!

I will say that I’m a bit forgiving on the carb front on Thanksgiving, allowing up to 75g of carbs. But this year I’m trying to keep to 25-30g for myself. A tall order, but I think I can do it.

This technique works every time. Thanks to the wine, it does add 2g of carbs to each serving of turkey (leaving me 23-28g to work with), but man it is a beautiful bird that comes out of the oven each time…and juicy as heck.

Oh, and if you have a chest freezer at home try picking up extra frozen turkeys at your grocery store either the day before or right after Thanksgiving. That’s when they go on sale. Last year my husband picked up 10 Butterballs and I only have 2 left (one for Thanksgiving and Christmas).

And yes, they still taste good! Although turkeys are big ones like the 22 pounder above.

I hope to have the video of my bread-free, zero-grain stuffing I’m making this Thanksgiving posted soon.

My Recipe Project

steak & zoodle salad

I’ve started organizing all my recipes so healthy and tasty dishes like this don’t go the way of the Dodo!

I’ve spent months researching a good recipe manager. Nothing seems to meet my needs. Am I that picky or are these programs designed by people who don’t cook healthy foods? It seems like a little of both. Besides having a consolidated location for all my recipes, I really want one that can do the nutrition calculations. I thought I found it with MacGourmet. Nope!

The program isn’t intuitive, the nutrition calculator is horrible (the big selling point for me), and  frankly it wastes my time fighting serving size selection and missing ingredients — it really has no clue that something called sea salt is real. As an added bonus, I’m stuck with hundreds (if not thousands) of non-LCHF recipes unless I want to manually delete each one. Grrrr! Read More

Yummy Lemon Blueberry Scones

For those of you who love scones in the morning, here’s my Lemon-Blueberry Scone video. Yummy + healthy = awesomeness!

If you want to even more flavor greatness, I’ve also attached the Lemon Buttercream Cheese frosting video.

Not a fan of lemon? Then just use a different flavored extract. The frosting is perfect for pastries, cakes and cupcakes (like red velvet, my fav!) too.

LCHF Quiche With Spinach, Sundried Tomatoes & Goat Cheese

A little project the hubby and I have been working on is now ready. No, not the quiche. Here’s a video we made of how I make my quiche.  Hope you enjoy the video as well as the dish. The goal is to post 2 videos a week on my new YouTube channel.

Oh, and since I’m doing the Whole 30 (more on that later) this month, don’t fear. The video was shot in August.  So no goat cheese for me in September (how sad).

Cookbook Review: Nom Nom Paleo


I spent the holiday weekend drooling over the recipes in Michelle Tam’s Nom Nom Paleo cookbook.

I picked up a wonderful cookbook – Michelle Tam’s Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans. It’s been out since 2013 but it is still one of the most creative cookbooks I’ve come across. And it is a fun read…how many cookbooks can you say that about?

I’m a big fan of Tan’s blog (same name as the book). If you are looking for healthy recipes and cooking inspiration, you need to check out her site.

Like her blog, the book includes recipes and cooking tips that are easy to follow. The combination of her witty prose, awesome cartoons and wonderful photography (by her husband) depict her love of real food, kitchen gadgets, and cooking.

You can’t read this book and not want to have fun in the kitchen. Regardless of your diet of choice she inspires you to turn away from the processed crap. Read More

Chimichurri Rib-Eye & Zoodle Salad

steak & zoodle salad

What initially started off as a boring steak and zucchini dish turned into an awesome salad thanks to some heirloom tomatoes and chimichurri sauce.

When putting together my weekly menu, I originally planned a Wednesday lunch of grilled rib-eye steak with 1/2 a large zuchinni. Wow, there’s excitement for you. Then it dawned on me to make zoodles with the squash and add some Argentine chimichurri sauce. That sounded tastier. Toss in some slices of heirloom tomatoes and now you’ve got an awesome salad.

Chimichurri sauce, if you haven’t experienced it, is just wonderful. Garlicky and tart, the bright green color really pops. It can double as a marinade or sauce that you can use for chicken, pork or vegetables. But I absolutely love it with steak.

Typically it’s made from fresh parsley and oregano, garlic, vegetable oil and white vinegar. For mine I used what I had available: flat-leaf parsley and cilantro.  Read More

Keto Friendly Egg Salad

egg salad

Nothing like a keto friendly meal to break a fast. Egg salad, butterhead leaves and glorious bacon. Yum.

Last night I whipped up the Aktins’ egg salad recipe. It was the perfect way to break my fast this morning (30 minutes after a few olives). Now I’ve never been a fan of egg salad. Growing up most of the time my dad just got some from the store. It always smelled overwhelmingly eggy to me. But then again as a kid I was a very picky eater.

Thankfully I’m done with being “too picky.” Although I think my hubby might not quite agree with me on this point.

Anyway, the recipe is very simple and delicious. My favorite part is the celery. That might seem strange as I unconditionally love eggs. But the celery adds a great crunch and texture.

I added 3 large Boston butterhead leaves and thick bacon for a grand total of 3g carbohydrates.

Egg Salad on Boston Butterhead Leaves with Bacon
Macronutrient Breakdown – 77% fat, 20% protein, 3% carbs

  • 1/2 C Atkins’ Egg Salad – 2.1g total carbs (0.3g fiber)
  • 3 Large Boston Butterhead Leaves – 0.9 total carbs (0.6g fiber)
  • 3 Slices Thick Center Cut Bacon – 0 total carbs