Finding Dotquatch

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London bee in Hyde Park.

London bee in Hyde Park.

I’m busy looking through my photos. I want to post before and after images of myself where you really can see a clear difference in my weight. Apparently, I REALLY LOVE to take pictures of bees. Yep, that’s right bees. This bee resided in Hyde Park, London. I found one roll loaded with bees. Well, not just bees. Hills, valleys, rivers, flowers, buildings, pets…

Lots of landscape images on hand. Photos of me, not so much.

I’m as elusive as the mighty Sasquatch.

I never thought of myself as someone who didn’t like how they look in a picture. But as I don’t have many of myself, that seems to be the case. I do have a few images of me, but when I was lighter. I’m going to have to use one of those I think. Sigh.

Well spring is here (although it’s a bit on the chilly side) and I’m getting the itch to take the camera out. Virginia is very pretty in the spring, with the wildflowers blooming. Perhaps I’ll capture some shots of the elusive Dot to Trott in her natural habitat.

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