Fighting Sugar Cravings — Back To Basics

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Since the start of my Paleo Challenge, my sugar cravings have grown in epic proportions.

Since the start of my Paleo Challenge, my sugar cravings are back.  The sugar monster inside of me raged the last two weeks.

I’ll find out tomorrow, but I think my weigh-in will show a gain. For the last couple weeks I’ve wrestled with sugar cravings. As a result, some unhealthy foods appeared on my plate this week (a little too much wine and those blasted pancakes). It’s time to get back to basics and stop feeding that sugar monster.

What isn’t helping is the lack of exercise. I had a great workout on Wednesday with my trainer, but I tripped over a locker room bench and twisted my injured knee. I’ve iced it, but this morning it’s swollen and stiff. So no spin or yoga classes today and no muscle workout tomorrow. I need to baby it for the next few days.

Frustrated? You bet. Exercise keeps me focused on the prize and my eating in check.

While my knee is still on the mend, I think it’s a good time to get back to basics with my food. That’s how I started this little journey 100 pounds ago. It’s time to refocus and get back to eating 20g-25g of carbs a day for the next couple of weeks.

I’m still doing the Paleo challenge, but I’m going to simplify. I’m skipping the Paleo recipes this coming week. Instead I’ll eat veggies and a simple protein with each meal.  But I’m adding back in one very non-Paleo item. My protein shake.

My sugar cravings are still raging this week (hence the wine) and I think fruit is the trigger. Since starting Paleo, my fruit intake is way up and I’m craving the sweet stuff as a result.

I started cutting back on fruit last week, but all that did was release the kraken. On Wednesday morning I went cold turkey to get the sugar monster off my back once and for all. My cravings reached a fever pitch Thursday afternoon. This morning I feel fine, but banning fruit from my diet isn’t a solution.

Which gets me back to the protein shake. I always added ½ banana and ½ cup of a berry with my protein shake. The fruit improves the taste of the shake and feed my muscles after working out with weights.  When I blend the fruit with the shake, I have zero sugar cravings.

So my shake will be my one break from Paleo. And to me, that’s OK.

I’m trying to lose weight, not conduct a science experiment.

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