Weekly Weigh-In: Down 1.8 Pounds!

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I've got the scale moving in the right direction for 2 weeks in a row now. My recent changes to my diet are working!

I’ve got the scale moving in the right direction for 2 weeks in a row now. My recent changes to my diet are working!

Clearly the changes I made this week — reducing the cream in my coffee and my fasting for lent — helped me work off the weight I imagined I gained over Valentine’s Weekend (lots of wine!) and then some. I’m down 1.8 lbs. this week for total weight loss of 131.2. Yay!!!!

So How’s That Fast Going?
I’m three days into my Intermittent Fast. So far so good. I haven’t dipped under 1200 calories/day and I’m averaging 12-18 net carbs/day.

The most important thing is I don’t feel like I’m starving. However, when it is time for me to eat, I am hungry.

Well duh, right?

What I mean is before the fast, my eating was set to a clock. Breakfast at 7:30 a.m. Morning snack at 10:30. Lunch at noon. Afternoon snack at 3:00 p.m. and dinner by 6:30 p.m.

That worked when I started this journey. I always skipped meals because I got “too busy” with work to eat. That just guaranteed a trip to the vending machine for some tasty Doritos or (Goldfish because they’re like way healthier than Doritos, right? HA!).

Scheduling my meals was an important first step. I needed to focus on eating right and part of that equation was not skipping meals.

Do You Really Need 3 Square Meals A Day?
Well 131 pounds later, I’ve noticed that I’m not hungry when I eat. I pretty much stuck to my same schedule (and would freak out if my feeding schedule slipped in any way). Heck, I lost all that weight. Why change if it’s not broken?

Yet, eating when I’m not hungry bothers me.

My eating schedule worked for me, no doubt about that. It was a way to impose discipline when I needed it the most.

But I’m no longer that out-of-control, 325-pound chick. With the fast, I eat within a specific window of time (Noon – 10:00 p.m.). And I only eat when I’m hungry (not starving!).  It’s still early in my fast, but I don’t miss my breakfast or morning snack. My morning coffee, water and cardio do the trick for me.

It doesn’t feel like I’m skipping a meal. I’m readjusting my eating schedule…and eating a bit less.

We’ll see if this attitude holds up. Lent ends on April 4. So just 43 days to go before this little experiment ends.


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