Yes, Coconut Oil Is Healthy

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Before believing the American Heart Association’s view on coconut oil, I suggest you read The Big, Fat Surprise.

The American Heart Association can go suck it! As Nina Teicholz and Dr. Eric Thorn point out point out in their article, for too long the AHA has ignored a multitude of new research, clinical trials and meta-analyses that show dietary saturated fats DO NOT cause heart disease.

Heck, even the federal food guidelines finally joined Western nations in dropping its misguided limits on dietary fats.

Yet the AHA is doubling down on stupid.

Dietary saturated fats (butter, coconut oil, meat, eggs, cheese, bacon, etc.) are healthy for you provided you are not stuffing your face with processed carbs (breads, grains, pasta) or sugar (including the food industry’s 50+ names for sugar). A diet high in fat AND carbs leads to serious metabolic damage.

Vegetable Oil Is Bad For You
The Heart Association didn’t just say coconut oil is bad for you. They also recommended using vegetable oil to reduce risk of heart disease by 30%. Well if you’ve read Tina Teicholz’s The Big, Fat Surprise (my review is here), then you’ll know this is bunk!

In fact Teicholz reviews evidence that the increase in heart disease occurred as vegetable oils surpassed butter as the preferred fat for cooking.

The Big, Fat Surprise details how researchers cherry-pick or manipulate nutrition studies. Just last year the National Institutes of Health took a look at the Minnesota Coronary Experiment, which lasted from 1968 – 1973. NIH learned that only part of the data was released to the public. The most important data – the one showing that vegetable oils didn’t protect the heart like animal fats — was kept hidden for more than 40 years! The research showed that of the 2,000+ people in the study, those who ate animal fats tended to live longer.

Sort of blows a hole in their low-fat narrative.

Why wasn’t the data released to the public? The researchers didn’t like the results!


So sugary Cocoa Puffs gets the AHA Heart Check and I’m suppose to believe coconut oil is bad?

Follow The Money
So what gives with AHA’s push for vegetable oil over coconut oil? Money.

Vegetable oil is primarily made from soybeans. And guess who got half a million dollars from the soybean industry just prior to the AHA advisory against coconut oil?

The American Heart Association.

Just let that sink in.

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