Day 10: Keto Reset Day – Lowering Stress With Food Prepping

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Feeling like I’m over the worst part of this blasted cold, yesterday I did something I haven’t done in a long time. Food prepping for the week. Granted, it happened on Hump Day, but that’s neither here nor there. Doing something so simple felt great. It’s an habit I started when I went low carb and it’s been MIA for too many months.

What To Do With All These Tomatoes?
I deviated from my grocery list slightly by picking 2 pounds of tomatoes – Campari, heirloom and San Marzanos. Why? Oven-dried tomatoes of course! Great for salads, pesto, quiches. Nice add-ons to the dishes I’m making this week.

Of course, they take 8 hours or so to dry out, but they do taste spectacular. Frankly the taste is even better when they sit in a delicious extra virgin olive oil (frankly, the amazing oil coming out of California is replacing Greek and Italian olive oils in my home).

Rinse, Chop, Make Ahead, Repeat
While the tomatoes took hours to make, the rest of my food prep took just 2. I quickly dispensed with the veggies: washing, chopping and storing – about 30 minutes total.

Next up, the cooking portion of my prep work: whipping up hard-boiled eggs, testing my Instapot (that poor spaghetti squash!), and preparing a make ahead meatloaf to pop in the oven for dinner.

The nice thing about all this prep work was how relaxing it is to work in the kitchen. Just turn on some music and focus on the simple task at hand. No worries. No melt downs. Heck, even when I knocked over my big tumbler of water, I just laughed as I cleaned up (and played a little ice cube soccer with the pup).

Food Prep Takes Stress Away…It Really Does
Two hours of my time to save me hours during the week. So simple. Yet it’s too easy to fall back into that bad habit of mine — sitting on the couch scrolling through a Twitter feed.

Not only is that bad habit a waste of time, but it added to my stress. How many times I felt rushed to try to cook meals for my family. A little bit of food prep yesterday and I saved 20 minutes this morning making a Swiss and mushroom omelet for my mom. My husband just reached in the fridge and quickly put his lunch together (my meatloaf the day after is awesome!).

No fuss, no muss…or stress eating!

3 thoughts on “Day 10: Keto Reset Day – Lowering Stress With Food Prepping

  1. Sandra Gilbert

    Good morning Dot.It is scary how much we are alike.There is so much I could say, but why it’s the same stuff over and over again. I started keto last January lost 40 lbs in two months. Then I stalled. I’ve learned a lot from you. My biggest problem is that I can’t walk I have a very bad back. So I sit in my recliner all day long, it’s the only place that I’m not in pain. I two wish I could turn the think machine off ( I do the daily bread first thing in the morning, which does help.) Then I have to make myself do anything all day. I enjoy your blog but I’m missing quite a few. Please keep doing what you’re doing, it does help. God bless Sandy

  2. I am in the situation you find yourself in I have suddenly become the caretaker for both of my elderly parents my dad fell and badly hurt his back and my mom was in a car accident about 11 years ago and had a metal plate put in her neck now she has a narrowing in her neck which causes her a lot of pain they recently have began taking epidural pain shots and my dad is on a walker but he falls all the time so I am mostly staying at their house most of the time and they do not eat low carb so I end up eating whatever they want to eat and my weight has really been affected I currently weigh 250 lbs and I really need to get my weight under control but it is really hard to do at this time.

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