Keto Carnivore…Our Way

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IMG_3528-300x300The one thing about eating low carb, both blessing and a curse, is that everyone has an opinion on how to do it. I love how you can go into any online community and get help with nearly every challenge or issue.

On the other hand, I hate when I hear, “you’re doing it wrong.” There is only one way to eat low carb, don’t cha know? And the people who believe that are the first ones who to let you know loudly and proudly.

Well. I hate to break it to the don’t-cha-know crowd: there is more than one-way to keto.

  1. We’re not the same – someone with IBD is going to keto differently than someone eating for athletic performance.
  2. Our diets change as we change. As we age, our bodies have different needs when it comes to nutrition.

I tried going back and doing my tried-and-true low carb style – the one that helped me shed all that weight. This time around, though, it didn’t work. I felt tired and hungry. My joints—already hurting—seemed to hurt a little more. Was I perfect? No, because I’m human. But something was different this time around, and I think that “something” is me.

Now, I love to do 30-day challenges. Why? I like to stretch myself and see what does and doesn’t work for me. It’s almost like test-driving a car to see if I really wanted to buy it. Also, frankly, it’s just fun to shake things up and experiment.

Today, the hubby and I are officially keto-carnivore for 30 days.

What is keto-carnivore?

We all grew up with the food pyramid, where grains, breads, and cereals made up the foundation of the “Standard American Diet” (SAD in deed). Then fruits (2-4 servings) and vegetables (3-5 servings), followed by low fat dairy and lean meats, and fats were used sparingly.

With the keto-carnivore food pyramid, red meat (beef, deer, bison, lamb) is the staple, followed by fish. Pork and poultry are limited. Dairy (cheese, creams, butter) and fats like avocado (oil and fruit) coconut oil, and olive oil are used sparingly. Eggs are also part of the pyramid and we group them with red meat.

There’s one big caveat to our keto-carnivore challenge:

My Garden


Yep, that’s 1.5 pounds of heirloom tomato you’re looking at.

Other than avocadoes, I’m not buying fruit or veggies, but I am growing them. We don’t want to waste them. Most of the plants we’re growing are low carb, so yes, we will incorporate them into our diet. If we grow them, we’re eating them.

As luck would have it, yesterday we had a big harvest.

  • Peppers – green bell, chili and ghost
  • Tomatoes – Yellow pear, plum, and some big-ass heirloom yellow tomatoes including a 1-½ pounder.

We normally eat 2 meals a day. To handle our little bounty, I’m limiting our veg intake to the first meal of the day. Dinner is meat only.

Now, hot peppers are not what I would consider “low carb,” so I’m using them in dishes that spread the carb count across multiple servings. I’m talking beef chili and spicy pulled pork barbacoa – dishes that will last us days. They can also be used in marinades where not all of the carbs will be absorbed (but I still count them anyway).

The key is we’re staying below 20g of total carbs daily when we have any vegetable. I fully expect that by Wednesday of next week we’ll be strictly meat only…until the next little harvest.

The nice thing about this challenge is it pretty much ends around when I expect the first frost to hit. If we’re happy with the results, and I see a noticeable change in how I feel, we may decide to go full-time keto-carnivore.

Wish us luck!

13 thoughts on “Keto Carnivore…Our Way

  1. Val

    Yaay !! You go Dot..
    Amazing tomato yumm!!
    I wish you lots of luck and success ..Can’t wait to read the results..
    Always an inspiration ;))
    Thank you ..

    • Dot2Trot

      It gives my chili a nice kick but it doesn’t ruin it by being overly hot. I will say it always makes me cough when I first cut it open.

  2. leesa pearl

    Now that is one beautiful, bodacious tomato! 🙂 Are you doing organ meats too? I’ve read a couple places that they help to make sure all your vitamins & minerals are covered (I’ve also read your body adapts just fine without them). Wondering what your take is? And it goes without saying, Good Luck! *shakes pom poms*

    • Dot2Trot

      At the moment we are not adding organ meats. And it does look like your body adapts its vitamin and mineral needs. However I’m planning on trying liver (chicken and beef) if I can find a good, clean source.

  3. Hi Dot,

    I am very much with you on the individual needs aspect of the Keto Diet. Our needs do indeed change as we get older. I am short and older. Therefore, if I try to eat the amount of food that a tall athlete would eat, I would gain weight. Calories do count whether we count them or not. Nutrition is very important so I am trying to watch that as well.

    I certainly do wish you all the best as you explore different things to determine what will work for you in this stage of life. Take care and God bless you and yours.


  4. Thank you for your insightful comments about navigating your way around criticism regarding the “right” way of eating Keto or whatever dietary objective one adopts depending on the individual. I think there will always be those among us that will be quick to admonish others when it comes to correct methodology and practice whether it be diet, religion, politics, you name it. I love that you are growing your own vegetables too. Not only are they beautiful but I’m guessing they taste wonderful too. Best of luck to you on all fronts.

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