Just Accept It & Move On

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Well it’s day 5 of our keto-carnivore challenge and I can honestly say yesterday was the low point. Coming off of a very bad day at the office, the husband ordered gluten free pizza. And yes, I had some.

Talk about textbook emotional eating. It doesn’t take much for us to decide we need to “blow off steam” by eating out or bringing home a bottle of wine. After a couple of glasses, you do dumb things…like order gluten free pizza.

Oh, and it wasn’t very good pizza either!

I was upset with both of us last night as I went to bed. My last thought before drifting off: “Well, Day 1 just starts tomorrow.”

This morning the frustration is gone, replaced with resolve.

Day 1 of our reset was September 21, not September 25. We messed up. Badly. We’ll do better at the next meal.

Accept it and move on.

The only change we’re making to our keto carnivore challenge is no alcohol of any kind allowed. Period.

13 thoughts on “Just Accept It & Move On

  1. Diana Molinaro

    Hey Miss Dot
    We goof and pull up our big girl panties and move on lolol
    I cant say how many times ive had to do that …
    Im on carnivore diet .. gotta get this weight off ..226lbs . This is the 3rd time ive lost weight , you would think id learn ..but nooooo
    We will get threw this .
    Question : Does keto mean low carb ? Im not doing keto as i dont get it .. but would still like to know for future use ..
    Big Bear Hugs
    Youll be GREAT ..I know it 😉😁

    • Dot2Trot

      Thank you and to answer your question: A ketogenic diet is low carb, but not all low carb diets are ketogenic. And if you are carnivore, then you are doing a version of ketogenic diet 🙂

    • Dot2Trot

      Beth, I’m fine. My husband has a huge project at work that’s taking up all his “free” time. So he’s unable to double as my cameraman & editor. We decided to take time off from the channel. But I just started blogging at dot2trot.com once again and will probably post some recipes here soon enough.

    • Dot2Trot

      Hi Beth! I’m good and will be posting at my blog (dot2trot.com). We took a break from the videos because my husband (who films/edits the videos) has a big project he is working on for his job. That wraps up in December. So the videos will start back up next year.

  2. leesa pearl

    My best friend wrote this in a card to me, maybe 30 years ago-
    “Ideas are clean. They soar in the serene supernal. I can take them out and look at them, they fit in a book, they lead me down that narrow way. And in the morning they are there. Ideas are straight. But the world is round, and a messy mortal is my friend. Come walk with me in the mud.” -Hugh Prather, Notes to Myself”
    Don’t beat yourself up Dot, none of us are perfect; life happens. Tomorrow is a new day- do your best. Some days your best is better than others, just always do your best. -xoxo

  3. Carmen

    As you say Dot “accept it & move on” today is a new day! We’re only human and as such not perfect and that’s okay😘

  4. Yep! it happens. For me it is mostly when I have not given myself time to prepare something ahead of time. Life always has those moments when we are just hungry and there is no time… Or inclination to make something from scratch. Perhaps, we should all think of creating some “emergency food” to keep in the freezer or fridge and only using it when we have fixed a fresh batch to replace it. I am wondering if that would work for me as well. Take care and keep on pushing on.

  5. Bob

    Back in the day (early 70″s) the song went something like, “pick yourself up, dust yourself off, start all over again”. Keep on and please know that we miss seeing your smiling faces on your videos. We will wait until life slows down for you.

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