Weekly Weigh-In: Stalled!

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Nothing gained or lost this week, yet I'm OK with that outcome. Turns out my carb counts are way off and things could've been much worse.

Nothing gained or lost this week, yet I’m OK with that outcome. Turns out my carb counts are way off and things would’ve been much worse.

After a nice little drop last week, the scale went back to her old ways. My weight is officially stalled. I’ve been stuck around 185 lbs. since the end of March, and I think I figured out why.

About a week ago I decided to lower my net carbs back down to 20g a day. I’d been eating around 40g-50g a day (or so I thought!) and figured dropping back down to 20g would kick-start the weight loss.

It’s always the little things that screw you up!
The last few days I’ve played detective and took a hard look my food log and the net carb counts of not just my food, but drinks, spices/seasonings, and recipes. Man did I screw up. Everything from my favorite seasonings to rubs to vegetable quantities was off the last few months.

If not the carb count, then the portions were off.  For instance, 1 teaspoon of black pepper is 0.8g of net carbs. OK. But that number jumps to 2.4g when I decided to use a tablespoon instead. And, let’s face it, when I measure out seasonings, I’m using well-rounded teaspoons and tablespoons. Rarely do I do exact measurements.

The result — I ended up adding at least 1.6 carbs just with the extra pepper. That may not seem like a lot, but when I’m limiting my carbs to 20g/day it adds up with all the other mistakes I’m making, like not measuring or weighing my veggies (where my carbs come from) or proteins.

Folks, that’s what I call getting cocky.

Rather than double checking the carb counts and consistently measuring/weighing my food, I just eyeballed it and assumed everything was fine. Plus relying on the data on My Fitness Pal was a mistake too. Much of the “crowd-sourced” data I used isn’t adding up. Grrrr!!!!!

Today I’m developing a list of the foods I usually eat, complete with serving size and the net carb count for each food and recipe. I’ll keep it posted on the fridge (and online).

Also I loaded a couple of low carb food trackers on my phone but haven’t tested yet. I just couldn’t bear reloading info from My Fitness Pal into those apps. Well if I want to start losing weight again I think it’s time to key in my data.

Eating right and getting into ketosis is just what I need to take off these last few vanity pounds.


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