Sick Again!

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Ugh! Either this cold is tougher than I thought or I caught something else. Runny nose, sore throat, sinuses throbbing, and an overall crappy feeling. To make matters worse the hubby is now officially sick.

The last few days I’ve been running myself ragged trying to get my mom’s apartment ready for her. I’m making sure she can move around with her walker easily. That means moving furniture, reorganizing rooms and putting things in storage.

Then there is the issue of the 2nd bedroom, which was being used as storage. I have to box everything up before we can set up my sister’s bed.

So of course, it is the perfect time to get sick all over again.

I think my body is telling me something. So I’m going back to bed for a little R&R before the packing frenzy begins.

The good news…I never want to eat much when I’m sick. So this can help my keto reset.



12 thoughts on “Sick Again!

  1. leesa pearl

    I’m never hungry when I’m sick either; I’ve started water fasts as soon as I feel a bug coming on and take advantage of it. Bonus, I get over colds, even the flu last year, much sooner. Much love & feel better soon… <3

  2. Verdi

    Get well Dot ! Remember my old Doc..used to say..”..Hey Verdi..Dog can’t chase rabbits all day..? Dog needs to rest..”..Be careful Dot, my stressed overworked craziness inflicted me with Shingles..Yikes ! Cheers!

  3. Natalie Oramas

    Dot, I am so sorry to hear that you are sick. Sending you healing energy with thoughts of a speedy recovery. Hang in there as this will pass and you’ll be as good as new! Hope your mothers’ move goes smoothly.

  4. Susan Dobbins

    Get better, both you and hubby! I think it’s that time of year. Been rainy here, warm one day cold the next. Wreaks havoc with immunities. Best wishes!

  5. Lila

    Dot, you and I are in the same stage of life – supporting our aging parents. You’re a good daughter. I feel for you right now re your cold. It’ll slow you down, but it won’t kill you, God willing. :). Hang in!

  6. Patricia Beetschen

    Dot you are an amazing, kind and caring woman. I’m so glad you have time in your life to help not only your family but others like me who are on a low carb/Keto way of life. You really put a lot of thought into your videos. Thank you.

  7. Arlene Hilman

    One step at a time, Dot.. You have an army of friends and supporters behind you cheering you on!
    You’ll make it over this hurdle, just like you have before!! 👏👏

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