Weekly Weigh-In: Self Sabotage!

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april 10 weigh in

I’m up 2 pounds from the last time I posted a weigh-in. Eating out is the culprit. But I’m back in the kitchen with abandon.

Holy crap! I haven’t posted a weigh-in since Feb. 29. Truth be told I’m working on a big project that’s consuming a lot of my time. I can’t say anything now but hopefully by this summer I’ll have good news to share.

After reading those awesome books by Steven Pressfield, I’m determined not to let my weigh-ins slide anymore. So weekly posts are back.

My Feb. 29 weigh in had me at 182.5 lbs, but by the time April 2 rolled around I was back to 187.5. With some changes this week, I dropped 3 pounds and now weigh 184.5.

So I’m trapped in a weird super moon bounce of my own making. Just bobbing up and down 5 pounds. What the heck is going on, Dot?

Self sabotage, that’s what! Grrrrrr!!!!!

Why The Yo-Yo Movement?
The big reason for this is eating out. Over the last few months, the hubby and I have turned dining out into a habit. The bright side is  we eat low carb when we go out. So that 5 pound bounce could’ve been worse. Unfortunately when I eat out I tend to have a couple of glasses of wine. Not only is this screwing up my drive to reach my goal weight (you burn alcohol before anything else) but it’s hitting our pocketbook too hard for my liking.

So why are we doing this? With the hubby working the job and me at home all day, we believe that our constant dining out is about us creating some sort of social life. Its more about atmosphere than the food. To combat this habit we’ve decided to join some MeetUp groups in our area. We’d much rather hike, golf, bowl, or play board games with people than eat and drink at a restaurant.

cooking week

Starting clockwise from top (L-R): homemade vegetable broth, my falling keto bread, yellow heirloom tomato soup, whey pancakes.

Back In The Kitchen & It Feels So Good
The good news is we did better on eating out this past week. Not as well as I’d like, but it was a start. I was more aggressive in the kitchen, making my own broth, yellow heirloom tomato soup, keto bread (that one didn’t go so well) and whey pancakes.

And guess what happens when I control the ingredients? I’m down 3 pounds this week.

This week I’m also coming up with my own recipes. One I’m testing is an eggplant, sausage and pepper casserole with cottage cheese.

Here’s a shocker for you: I’ve never tasted cottage cheese before. So I have no idea if this will work or not, but it should be fun.

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