Keto Reset – Day 4: Finding Time For Myself

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Image courtesy of and David Castillo Dominici.

I’m 4 days into my keto reset and I’d love to tell you I’ve been perfect. But because I’m Dot, you’d know that’s a crock! Two days in…2 days!…and I have a meltdown. The husband’s solution: Go out for dinner.

I ate as keto as possible — steak and steamed broccoli with butter. But el vino did flow. And how it flowed.

Stress. That’s my nemesis right now. I need a solution that doesn’t involve a corkscrew.

I used to have 3 sure fire ways to contend with stress: 5-mile walks, 5k training, and my spin class. Well only the spin class is an option right now and it ain’t available when I need it.

So now I’m determined to find time for myself. Any time. A minute here … 3 minutes there.

Letting Chores Go For Now
As I type this, mom is upstairs getting dressed and I’m looking at a sink that has 6 dirty dishes in it (yes I counted them … and I am lame). It has taken everything not to go and just load the dishwasher. After all, it takes minutes. I can come back to writing this blog post after…

But the truth is I wouldn’t. I know that once I do the dishes, I’m wiping down the counters, cleaning the stove, sweeping the floor… Then it’s time to make my mom’s lunch.

The dishes are gateway chores. They just lead to more cleaning.

They will get done like everything else … sometime. But focusing on my needs has to come first for now. And that will free up time for me to do…


I Found The Time. Now What?
As sad as this sounds, my first thought is to do absolutely nothing. And when I mean nothing, I mean NOTHING. Just sitting. No tablet. No social media. No thinking.

Oh, sure, thoughts come to mine. Random feelings. Or noticing my leg is falling asleep. I did “nothing” first-thing this morning, and that’s then it hit me: this is what “Mindfulness” is about. After months of reading about mindfulness – and not getting past the mumbo jumbo – I finally achieved it by doing jack squat.


Doing nothing definitely de-stresses you. But I need a little more than nothing in my life.

Sure enough, after about 10 minutes of nothingness, the old idea hamster started spinning the wheel again. That idea hamster was loaded with ideas for me to do in my spare time. But that idea hamster is also an “ideal” hamster. Lots of ideas on what to do, but nada on when to do it.

Then it dawned on me – create a morning ritual! Plan activities that de-stresses and energizes me to start my day right.

I’m up before anyone else, and that gives me a good 30 to 90 minutes before the house stirs. Instead of wasting that time on Twitter (a major time suck!) or chores (there’s always time later), I’ll use that time for my own mental and physical health.

First up, nothing … ummm … I mean mindfulness ... I’m going to sit in my recliner (feet up) with the day’s first cup of coffee and do nothing, think about nothing, for 10 glorious minutes.

After that, 20 minutes of stretching. That’s more than enough time for my calf exercises and to work on the rest of my body. Plus, it always puts me in the cheerful mood. I’m all about cheer right now!

Lastly, I’ll spend a whopping 2 minutes on gratitude. I’m moaning a lot lately, but there’s an awful lot in my life I take for granted. I think a little appreciation every morning can turn my inner Eeyore into the more optimistic (and cuddly) Pooh Bear.

Yes, it’s only 30 minutes out of the day, but it’s my 30 minutes.

If I do this right, it’ll jumpstart my day, and keep me from dreading it and all the tasks lying ahead of me.

19 thoughts on “Keto Reset – Day 4: Finding Time For Myself

  1. Arlene Hilman

    Dot,, as just one of your countless keen, expectant fans, I know I can say wholeheartedly that you are priceless in so many areas starting with mannerism and encouragement, super clear and well-defined knowledge and desciption of things involving food, macros, keto and low carb needs etc. Then and first!, there’s ALL these tremendous recipes that are so delicious and worthy of being keepers! Thank you!! Mmmm, being thankful. Hard to stop once we get started as there’s no end, is there?! …an experienced thanker with 45 yrs. MS

    • Dot2Trot

      Trying to keep up with the blog and the vids and my mom, lol. If I can get in posts a few times a week, I’ll call it victory.

  2. Sharon Berger

    Hi Dot! I love the idea of thirty minutes st the beginning of the day just for you! I’m going to try this idea for myself! I’ll let you know how it goes.

  3. Rituals: When I get out of bed, I feed the cat, then put away yesterday’s clean dishes and clean up the ones in the sink. Then I make coffee and I do a meditation and read some affirmations while I enjoy my coffee.

    After that, I get into my “social thing.”

    Because my coffee is bulletproof (homemade style), I can put off eating for a while. That extends my “fast” for a couple of hours or more and helps with weight loss.

    As for stress, I take time off, and sometimes even off from the dishes. But with this storm coming in, I need to bake and cook ahead in case we lose power, so I need to keep going right now. Another thing I do is read and play computer games. The games in particular, will empty my mind and keep me from thinking too much about what stresses me out.

    I’ve been keto for about 6 weeks, and for me, it’s not just a way of eating, but a way of life. I either do this, or I die. My blood sugar, kidneys and heart can’t take the weight anymore. I can’t handle the sugar ups and downs anymore. I simply cannot live the way I used to. So, I’m “all in” on keto.

    I wish you luck. I’ll keep reading.

  4. Leeann

    You are appreciated by all of us. I’m in a reset as well, right along with you, and I am cheering us both on. Thank you for your smile, your candor and honesty, and just being you!

  5. Lori Kettles

    Hi Dot, I recently found you. Not sure how..I think your nice smile just popped up to the right of my You Tube video as a suggestion for me. I clicked on your video & I was hooked. I love your genuine honesty & your unwavering commitment to your subscribers, yourself & your family. I also enjoy my vino. My Italian family always had the straw chianti bottle on the table & we all drink responsibly. Incorporating into my keto lifestyle has been challenging (although a few famous YouTube Ketopians have lost 100 lbs. & still imbibed) for me it was about limiting it but not cutting it out entirely. We are all different & must do what’s best for us. I gave up all grains, processed foods & sugar. Lost 40 lbs. In 10 months. Just joined planet fitness. Thank you for your wonderful heart & commitment to your channel. Made your faux-tasto salad & my non-keto husband loved it! All the best to you & your family. ~ Lori

  6. Barb Moore

    Dot, I’m not trying be mean, but you have to let the wine go. If you drink when you’re stressed, it’s time to kick that habit to the curb. I know you’re smart enough to find out how.

    • leesa pearl

      Oh pish tosh Barb. Dot’s a grown-arse woman and she’s been going through some incredibly rough times lately. If a drink takes the edge off now and then, then thank God for the fruit of the vine. Let it ease your stress and give you some much needed giggles. Tomorrow’s a new day- fresh start. Don’t beat yourself up Dot, just get back on the keto train and go full steam ahead. 😉

      *imho, when someone starts a sentence with “Nothing personal, but…” or “Not trying to be mean, but…” put your armor on~ it’s a sign they’re about to get preachy and butt into your business.

  7. Hi, please don’t read this post because you can be doing diddly squat right now! ……. but, in case you do here’s a couple of loving tips to encourage you. #1, before closing your eyes for the night, write down 7 things you need or have to get done the next day, then strike them off 1 by 1 as you go from 1-7, and try to focus just on those first and foremost. #2: you meal plan, so now day plan…..get a pretty just you weekly journal and start each day with colours of joy. Red, highlight what has to be done in that day, like a doctors appt. and block out that section of time it requires, then Yellow for your list type chores (that #7 list) block out the time you are going to do that, like washing, groceries, etc. Then Green for all the left over free time you can find in the day just to be Dot! Hopefully that will free you to enjoy those moments you need right now to focus back on your precious needs. Hugs, M
    …….and of course, pray as He knows all things! 🌸💕🎶

    • Dot2Trot

      Hi Cyndi! Mindfulness was a hard nut the crack. But once I sat in my chair…initially defeated…i then push those thoughts aside and decided to just not think. It was tough, but i shooed the thoughts away. Strangely enough that is mindfulness. I just wish the folks who write about it could just put it in simple language. I’m all about not thinking for 10 minutes a day! It should be an Olympic sport…LOL.

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