Keto Day 5 — Feeling Horrible

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Yesterday I attributed my low energy level to purging the last bit of bad carbs out of my system (A.K.A. The Low Carb Flu). Well today I woke up with a sore throat. After drinking lots of hot tea, taking medicine and napping on and off today, my sinuses are a runny mess. Ugh!

Fingers are crossed that it’s just a mild head cold.Β  The silver lining in being sick? I have no appetite.Β  Well that’s one way to shed some re-gained pounds.

Off to bed again.

11 thoughts on “Keto Day 5 — Feeling Horrible

  1. Angelo D

    Keto flu is real! I was there day before yesterday!! Baked radishes really help me when I have a head cold or feel run down, feel better Dot!

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